John Shaft Samuel L Jackson Coat

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  • Suede leather / Cotton
  • Full Viscose lining
  • Notch collar
  • Open front style
  • Full sleeves with belted cuffs
  • Shoulder epaulets
  • Long length trench coat
  • Two waist pockets

Samuel L Jackson John Shaft Maroon Leather Trench Coat

Another movie is being made in the name of Shaft. This time they have a new score to settle. A friends untimely death has compelled the son to connect with his absentee father, who was not there through out his childhood. John shaft being the most skilled person and known for it agrees to help his son find the reason of his best friends untimely death.

John Shaft is from the old days and likes to make his profile the exact same as olden times. He wears a really John Shaft Coat made of Suede leather with insides lined by viscose material for comfort. The collar is notch styled. Also have full length sleeves with belted cuffs at the end. Epaulets present on both shoulders. The coat is long like a trench coat. There are two pockets at the waist. The front of the John Shaft Coat is open with buttons to tie. The coat is vermilion in color.

4 reviews for John Shaft Samuel L Jackson Coat

  1. Chris Jordan

    `Who was that?’`Was he Alex?I can’t believe it!’These were the comments I was hearing all around the auditorium.The thing is I’m not a very famous guys in school and I always dress up without ironed shirts and pants.But since it was my play,I’d to change my style.I’d to look as if I was really incharge of the play!Now I don’t have much idea about fashion and stuff but this Samuel L Jackson Coat looked like a real deal.Its best part was its colours.The colour looks like a mixture of red, brown or maroon but anyways it looks substantial.This coat with a jet black pant and with brown leather shoes really made me look prominent.Everyone was surprised by my such unusual looks and the best part was that my play got the best play award at the end!

  2. Luiz

    Everything was fine and decent but the shipment time was awful. They took a lot more time than they had promised to which absolutely ruined everything.

  3. Mats Sancho

    Needed this kind of coat for a party which’s theme was Hogwarts. The coat arrived on time which was a relief was for me as the party was just around the corner. The coat looked quite good and many people appreciated my fancy looks. I bought the cotton one and it was very much soothing and relaxing. Just felt that the price even after discount was a bit high but anyways a great coat.

  4. Frank Ming

    An astounding and staggering coat. Fit for any type of occasion. Easy to wear and can wear it at any time of the day. Loved it.

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