Brie Larson Captain Marvel Flight Bomber Jacket

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$229.00 $139.00

Product Specification:

  • Genuine leather
  • Inside viscose lining
  • Shirt style collar
  • Front buttoned closure
  • Full sleeves with open hem cuffs
  • Waist flap pockets

Captain Marvel Brie Larson Bomber Brown Leather Jacket for Sale

Captain Marvel is an extraterrestrial Kree warrior who finds herself caught in the middle of an intergalactic battle between her people and the Skrulls. Living on this Earth since 1945 Captain Marvel has acquired a lot of powers main feature of her being the absorption of every other power around her. She is totally a super human even the atomic powers cant beat her. She is the true female warrior to ever step on earth and she also helps out the avengers in their mission. Captain marvel also needs a nice suit to show her girly assets of because after all she is still a girl.

The Brie Larson Bomber Jacket we brought you today is worn by Brie Larson aka Captain Marvel in the movie and hopefully you will love it enough to buy it. The out wear is made of genuine leather material of highest quality. The underside is made of viscose lining to add comfort and luxury to the clothing item. The collar is shirt style. The front of the jacket is closed by a zipper. The sleeves of the jacket are full with open hemmed cuffs. There are pockets with flaps at the waist. At the back it has a huge Captain Marvel logo. The Brie Larson Bomber Leather Jacket is available in brown color.

1 review for Brie Larson Captain Marvel Flight Bomber Jacket

  1. Penny Blossom

    After wearing loose trousers and t shirts all day longs I thought it was finally time to get something for myself.I actually thought that I deserved it as I was working so hard and so a little gift for me would be a good thing.As the winters were also on the door,I was looking for some jacket and sweater kind of stuff.To be honest I’m more of a sweater wearing girl rather than jackets so I really wanted to try some jackets.My sister Amy is always buying stuff from here so I thought why not try this site for myself aswell. Captain Marvel Flight Bomber Jacket looked like any other ordinary brown leather jacket but when I looked closely ,the logo at the back wasn’t something like common.I don’t know why but the wings and the plane at the back really made me fall in love with the jacket.The jacket was a little big for me when I checked it but it wasn’t that big to come into someone’s notice.The leather felt quite premium and rich to the touch and I finally rewarded myself with an extravagant thing atlast!

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