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The Vampire Diaries is a classical American supernatural teen drama television series based on the book series of the same name. Each season of this series was sheer brilliance and the fans still live for the fiction the show presented. It revolves around a teenage girl whose love life is torn up between two vampire brothers, one evil and the other the sweetest. You don’t usually see The Vampire Diaries Merch in reality and so the plot of this show gets even more intriguing.

The show features a phenomenally stellar cast stunning audiences with their amazing performances and adding so much to their characters. Be it the gorgeous Elena, the handsome Stefan, the manipulative Damon or Jeremy. Every character was so pleasing to see and wore dresses to help you immensely with your style games. Therefore, we decided to collect all of them under this The Vampire Diaries Merch collection.

Featuring exemplary needlework, all the The Vampire Diaries Outfits, hoodies, jackets and coats are manufactured wonderfully out of durable and quality fabrics which include leather, satin, cotton and faux too. Radiating warmth, ease and magnanimous comfort, the attires have their interior stitched with sleek linings of viscose and shearling enabling an enjoyable experience while you flaunt these. Perfectly replicated, you will find all the interesting features in them with contemporary shines and nice finishing.


  1. How many seasons are there of this show?

Good E I G H T Seasons. 

  1. What did they use as blood in Vampire Diaries?

The edible fake blood was made up of corn syrup, salt, food colouring and peppermint extract.

  1. Does Elena actually love Damon?

Yes, because apparently this is what she confessed. 

  1. Is Vampire Diaries based off of Twilight?

Vampire Diaries came first. Period. 

  1. Who does Elena end up with?

Sorry, but we do not give spoilers.m

  1. Did Elena become a vampire?

Yes she does. 

  1. Does Damon become a human again?

Yes he does.

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