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Mr Robot is an amazing American drama thriller web television series that has four groundbreaking seasons with the latest one just premiering this October 6th. The taboo-breaking and intriguing show revolves around Elliot Alderson, played by Rami Malek. Elliot is a cyber security engineer and hacker who is battling depression and clinical disorders simultaneously. Mr Robot Jacket will recruit him to join the group of hacktivists and the rest is all what you got to discover about this interesting series.

Well, no matter how caught up the characters or especially Elliot be, they were all still cautious and sane enough to be highly particular about their attiring and so was always top notch. Their trendsetting outfits were an icing to the cake and further highlighted their acting. Therefore, for the fans, we decided to bring down this extensive collection of merchandise from the show so they are able to enjoy the new season with more fun. 

Each and every product in this online shop, be it a Mr Robot Jacket, a Hoodies or a Coat, is made out of the most premium quality fabric and the fabrics include leather, cotton, satin and faux of finest materials. We also make sure to prepare a smooth lining under these fabrics so that the comfort is not compromised and the aim of a good winter wear is also fulfilled. With neat stitching, all of these attires are examples of modishness having the most recent of features and the most dandy of finishes. You can have them for your cosplays, your Halloween gathering, your normal parties or you can also adorn them casually.


  1. What does that big E at E corp stands for?


  1. Is Mr. Robot Elliot’s imagination?

You need to watch the show to discover it. 

  1. What is Elliot suffering from in the show?

He is battling depression and some clinical disorders. 

  1. Who is playing Elliot?

Rami Malek. 

  1. Is Mr Robot based on robots?

No lol. 

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