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About Leather Mens Trench Coat

Winter is all about dressing up in different warm clothes and flaunting them with immense grace and style. One of the most sought after dress in winter is a coat and more precisely a trench coat. People love expressing their sober and decent self with the help of those trench coats that are all about elegance and style from top to bottom.

Mens Trench Coat are called by this name because they were used in battles for the first time to protect the fighting soldiers from wind, cold and rain. These coats are often long in length and are made out of thick fabrics to offer maximum protection to the one wearing them. For people who live in extremely cold regions or are planning to travel to cold regions this winter season, trench coats are a must have and to bring them the most stylish and contemporary ones, we have assembled this widely ranging Mens Trench Coat Collection.

This exclusive collection contains a huge variety of trench coats that are made out of thick leather or woolen fabric of durable and premium quality promising to stay with you for many winters to come. Each of the coats is unique and attractive in its own way and has to offer something different to you. Lined inside with either shearling or viscose, these coats are full of comfort and warmth for you and will keep the levels of ease and warmth for you high enough even if the temperature goes unbearably down.

These coats have unique styles of collars such as stand up style, belted, buckled, lapel style or shirt style whereas the front conclusion is double breasted in most of the cases to bring the most protection to you. Moreover, these coats are not slim fitted and so you can use them to layer yourself up and wear alot of stuff inside of them. In beautiful colors like black, brown, green and so on, these coats are amazingly stitched and should be definitely given a try.

FAQs About Trench Leather Coats

  1. What is this collection all about?

The main focus of the collection is to bring a variety of trench coat for the buyers. 

  1. What are the fabrics used to craft them?

Different types of leather, cotton and woolen fabric. 

  1. What are the materials used an internal linings?

Polyester, shearling and mostly viscose. 

  1. What are the different styles of collars these coats might feature?

Belted, buckled, lapel style, shirt style, snap tab, etc. 

  1. What are your shipment charges?

We don’t charge anything for shipment. 

  1. How to wash these Mens Trench Coat? Can they be washed in a machine?

No, avoid washing them in a washing machine if you want them to last with you for long. 

  1. How much will I be offered as a discount if I order many than 2 products?

That solely depends on the sales running on our site at that time. 

  1. What if my order is excessively delayed?

You should immediately contact our customer care service if this happens.

  • Mens Shearling Fur Brown Coat

    Rated 0 out of 5
    $239.00 $209.00
    • suede leather fabric
    • inner faux fur lining
    • black and brown color
    • lapel style collars
    • full sleeves
    • shearling cuffs
    • buttoned frontage
    • front pockets