Lost In Space Clothing

Lost In Space Merch: Jackets, Vest and Trench Leather Coats

Lost In Space is an American science fiction television series which is also a re imagination of a 1965 series of the same name. The series is super interesting and follows the adventures of Robinson family whose spaceship crash lands on an unknown planet and they then have to fight against all the odds to survive there and try to escape. With numerous dangers awaiting them, the series takes exciting turns and keeps its audience hooked. 

The movie is not just for science enthusiast as it is so much more than just planets and space. With a splendid cast, the fans have been so far enjoying the progression and one major reason we are able to conclude as to why is there so much of hype is of the highly refined outfits we got to see our characters in. Minimalistic and sophisticated, every Lost In Space Clothing is an epitome of class and hence it was unavoidable to bring it under one clothing collection.

With our hardworking team of intelligent designers, we have keenly replicated most of them to further add to your fun. The collection comprises of all the Lost In Space Clothing, jackets and coats we are yet shown in the show and we have made them substantially long lasting out of premium quality materials such as shearling, satin, cotton and our very favourite leather. Lined with sleek viscose and fur at times, they are all super cosy to flaunt and are refreshing with their sober colours.


  1. Is there a season 2 of the show in pipeline?

There is no confirmation yet but this is what the people speculates with quite certainty. 

  1. Is Dr Smith still alive from the Lost In Space? If not, who plays the new one?

The real one is unfortunately no more but his character is replaced by Mr. Posey.

  1. Where is Lost In Space shot?


  1. How did the original lost in space ended?

Well, revealing that will become too big of a spoiler.

  1. Is lost in space based on a true story?

Not exactly. 

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