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About America jackets:
It is very difficult to bring a team together and initiate a business without beforehand knowledge. For us, it was like taking a deep dive in the pool of sharks. We didn’t know much about the business or the competition or market values. We only knew a good deal of quality products will have us flipping in the air in no time. That is how our idea of the working and bringing things online began.

Our Sole Objective:
Every business’s objective is to have a great turnover at the end of the year and we are no different. But, we also like our fair share of popularity and good popularity can only be gained by selling products with exceptional quality.

Where we are situated:
The optimum manufacture of dresses is our first priority amid other standards to shelter. We bring you all standards of clothing and garments to your doorstep around the world. Mainly we are situated in Malaysia. We have warehouse in almost every continent and we are willing to expand too. But the willingness will depend up on our customer’s reviews and satisfaction.

How you can contact us:
To answer your queries we have a whole system of customer services where you can ask lots of questions and hopefully we will be able to answer your queries.

Infinite leather:
There is an abundance of leather jackets you’ll find on our website. You will be surprised by the shocking designs and delicacies. We mostly deal in leather and you will find a whole lot of that on our shop.p

Top notch stitching:
To satisfy the needs of customer and meet the means of our website we have hired our own craft people so they can stitch perfectly and no ordered is delayed.

Custom preparation:
Most of the jackets are the adaptations of the movie and tv show characters but if a customer is not satisfied or have their own design in mind they can inform us and we will have the design in their mind made into the actual thing.