Yellowstone John Dutton Vest

$149.00 $79.00

  • Fabric Satin
  • Button Closure
  • Rounded Type Collar
  • Vertical Waist Pocket

John Dutton Kevin Costner Yellowstone Satin Brown Vest

Yellowstone is an amazing American web television series that received rave reviews from the fans and went great. It follows the conflicts along the shared border of large cattle ranch, land developers and the Yellowstone National Park. The film follows the Dutton family led by John Dutton, a character played excellently by Kevin Costner. John is a 6th generation billionaire who controls the Yellowstone Ranch and is faced with the challenge to defend it from people trying to get a hold of it. This leader-like character has been pulled off exceptionally well and this Yellowstone Vest worn by the character has added greatly onto it.

Fabricated with premium quality satin fabric, this Yellowstone Vest is eminently stitched and has its interior lined with a smooth viscose lining that will absorb any appearing moisture for you and will radiate enough ease and warmth all day long. With smartly stood up trendy collars, this mid brown decent sleeveless John Dutton Vest is a great option as out outerwear over your clothes in winter. With a patterned front, the John Dutton Vest has a buttoned up closure and a nicely done dandy finish.


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