The Flash Season 6 Killer Frost Coat

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Product Specification:

  • Corset: Leather
  • Coat: Denim
  • Cuffs: Attached Sleeves with Hand-Band Cuffs and Zipper
  • Pockets: There are no Outside Pockets
  • Closure: Hidden Zipper Closure
  • Logo: Killer Frost Signature on Corset

Danielle Panabaker The Flash Season 06 Killer Frost Denim Coat With Corset

Caitlin Snow is a sweet, sassy and kind doctor, who even after the death of her beloved fiance chose to work for Star Labs. When Barry messes with the timeline after running really fast, he develops a new timeline where Caitlin has lost herself to the chaos and turn to killer frost. She tries to disinfect herself but nothing works and every now and then she loses control over Caitlin and turns into Killer Frost. She is known to be killer frost because she turns extremely cold and her super power is she can turn things to ice, which is why she needs a dress which will not freeze or ware off. And so we brought you the The Flash Season 6 Killer Frost Coat she wore in the show.

The coat killer frost wears is what we have brought you through this article. The Killer Frost Season 6 Coat is made of two materials. It has a leather corset and the coat itself is made of original denim. It is of knee length. The leather used in making of corset is real and genuine. The denim is real too. The corset has a Killer Frost logo. The Killer Frost Season 6 Coat has long sleeves with hand bands and cuffs having zippers. The front has a hidden zipper to close the coat. No pockets are present on this outside of the coat. The The Flash Season 6 Killer Frost Coat is available in dark blue color. It looks perfect on her and match her frosty blonde hair.

You should know some quotes of the character too, here are a few you might like.

Grundy! Play time!
Stupid Amazon…
I’ve discovered anomalies.
I think these are places where the duplicates arrived.
This one may be the source of the transfer.
I don’t know yet, its just a theory.


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