Suicide Squad Killer Croc Jacket

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Product Specification

  • Real leather
  • Inside viscose lining
  • Wide lapel collar
  • Asymmetrical zipper closure
  • Zipper pockets on waist and sleeves
  • Black collar


  • Cotton Polyester
  • Two Side Pockets

Suicide Squad Waylon Jones Killer Croc Double Rider Leather Jacket

A movie for the admirers of villains, Suicide Squad is a purely DC creation that hit the cinemas in 2016 and took the fans by complete storm. Featuring the recruitment of the team of super villains, Suicide Squad by a secret agency to carry out some purposeful missions is what this movie is rotating on. 

One of the most unique members of the team is Killer Croc who suffers from a disease that caused him to develop reptilian features making him look the most distinct of them all. The character is played with utter finesse by the superbly talented Adewale Akinnuoye Agbaje who will wear this jacket to further signify his character. Amazingly stitched, this peculiar Killer Croc Jacket is made wonderfully out of amazing quality real leather which together with the viscose stitched inside of it creates a warming experience for the wearer. Surely comfortable, the Suicide Squad Killer Croc Jacket is accurately textured to give the reptilian effect and has smartly wide lapel style collars. Dapper black in colour, this ensemble has a unique asymmetrical zipped up front closure, zippered pockets placed accurately on the waist and sleeves whereas the ultimate highlight of the outfit are those big yellow prints of reptile on the front and the back.


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