Suicide Squad El Diablo Jacket

$169.00 $79.00

  • Body made from woolen fabric
  • Sleeves made from leather
  • Rib knitted V-shaped neckline
  • Front Button closure
  • “Diablo” written on chest
  • Long sleeves
  • Rib knitted cuffs
  • Two side pockets on waist
  • Black and blue in color
  • Fine Stitching

Suicide Squad El Diablo Jay Hernandez Letterman Jacket

Suicide Squad is a much loved 2016 superhero movie. Based on the team of supervillains under the Suicide Squad of DC, the movie features the imprisoned team recruited by an intelligence agency to carry out dangerous missions and save the world from a dangerous threat.

The film brings upon a stellar cast with their powerful performances to make it all seem super real. Played by Jay Hernandez, El Diablo is one of the member of the Suicide Squad and this is the El Diablo Jacket he is seen wearing the movie.

We have replicated this brilliant piece of clothing for his fans out of durable and incredibly comfortable fleece fabric which together with the smooth viscose interior makes the jacket warm enough and it becomes easy for the wearer to flaunt it. With sleeves of PU leather, the El Diablo Jacket has an interesting combination of fabrics. Showcasing the dreamy combination of blue and black, the jacket is loved by both of the genders. With smart erect style collars having a button tab closure, spacious pockets, rib knitted cuffs, and waistline, the jacket concludes with a buttoned up front closure and also has the Diablo logo stitched on the front to give it a signature look.


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