Ryan Reynolds 6 Underground Bomber Jacket

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  • Soft cotton fabric
  • Sleek viscose lining
  • Refreshing blue colour
  • Turn down collars
  • Zipped up front closure
  • Full sleeves
  • Flap buttoned pockets

Blue Cotton 6 One Ryan Reynolds Underground Bomber Jacket

6 Underground is a highly anticipated upcoming movie all set to break our screens this December. The movie is considered to be one of the biggest action thrillers of this year for its plot which revolves around 6 billionaires faking their deaths to take down some criminals. One of the 6 is Ryan Reynolds who is going to lead them all and is so given the name of ‘One’. He is an acclaimed actor and we are all sure to see a stunning performance from his side. This Ryan Reynolds Underground 6 Underground Jacket which we saw him wearing in the trailers speaks volume of his leader-like character and is a great piece. 

We have replicated this dreamy blue apparel for his fans out of supreme quality cotton fabric which comes together with a smooth viscose lining further elevating the warming, comforting and easing experience produced by the Ryan Reynolds Underground 6 Underground Jacket. With a finely done zipped up front closure, this winter wear has turn down shirt style collars, full sleeves and accommodating flap buttoned chest pockets.


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