Rocketman Elton John Golden Jacket

$229.00 $129.00

Product Specifications:

  • Satin
  • Viscose Lining
  • Gold
  • Classic Collar
  • Front Zip Closure

Rocketman Elton John Taron Egerton Golden Satin Jacket

If you are into music, you must know how tiring is the journey. There are times when nobody listens to you and finally there comes a point in your life when every of your fan desperately waits for your songs to hypnotise them. Same, in fact even more draining was the journey of the iconic musician Sir John Elton which is filmed in the 2019 biographical film Rocketman.

The movie revolves around the early days of the star and his character is given life by the versatile Taron Egerton. He has brought all those super dreamy outfits back in to action by flaunting them as John in the movie. This Rocketman Elton John Golden Jacket is what his fans have lived for and depicts his dapper musical self.

Creatively stitched, this dreamy piece is manufactured out of durable and supreme quality satin fabric that is lined with a smooth viscose lining to enhance the comfort and warmth radiated out of this fiery outfit. Dazzling golden in colour, this jacket has classical popped out collars where the extended feathers can also be removed according to your choice. With a sleek zippered conclusion, the Rocketman Elton John Golden Jacket also offers you asymmetrically zipped up pockets for you to be at complete ease with your belongings.


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