Avengers Endgame Rocket Raccoon Vest

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Product Specification:
• Cotton Material
• Up-right Collars
• 2 pockets on the Chest, 2 Pockets on the waist
• Blue colored
• Hemline belted
• Perfect Stitching

Avengers Endgame Rocket Raccoon Tactical Army Blue Cotton Vest

As crazy as the Rocket Raccoon’s character is, this attire is a mirror image to his personality. Pure Rock-Metal classiness of this Rocket Raccoon Vest is what makes it so unique. Who can deny the fact that Rocket Raccoon is the craziest of them all? This Tactical Army Cotton Attire is identical to him.

Made up of the best quality cotton fabric, this Rocket Raccoon Cotton Vest is a show-stopper. Two pockets on the chest and two on the waist makes it look heavenly. The up-right collars will make your neck look long, while the hemline belt will is perfect for fitting up the vest. A real blue color just like in the film gives it an authentic look.


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