Prince Frozen 2 Hans Tail Coat

$229.00 $109.00

  • Quality fabric
  • Smooth lining
  • White and blue colour
  • Eminent stitching
  • Tail at the back
  • Buttoned closure
  • Full sleeves
  • Strapped shoulders

Prince Frozen 2 Hans Tail White Cosplay Coat

In order to discover her origins and save the kingdom, Elsa, in the highly anticipated Frozen 2 will set on a journey with Anna, Kristoff and Olaf to a place away from their homeland. The movie’s first part did not only received appreciation from the kids but was also loved by grownup girls for how empowering the series is. Well, when there is a hero or heroine, a villain has to be there for sure of Frozen 2 Hans Coat.

Voiced by Santino Fontana, Hans is the most deceptive character in the movie. He is initially shown to be nicest human being ever existed but the clever shift in his personality is something worth watching and taking life lessons from. This Frozen 2 Hans Coat and we have replicated it for you to wear this Halloween. 

This durably stitched is crafted wonderfully out of supreme quality fabric that is complemented by a soft lining to ensure you maximum comfort. Highly modish, this coat has a length uptil your waist but has a tail stretching out of its back giving it its iconically unique look. White in colour, the coat has its collar and cuffs of navy blue colour which is surely an attractive colour to contrast with. With a buttoned up front closure, the coat has straps on its shoulder and there is a chain coming out of one of them and overall giving a dreamy catch to this piece.


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