Green Arrow S08 Hooded Jacket


Product Specifications:

  • Material: Genuine leather/Faux leather
  • Inner: Viscose lining
  • Collar: Hooded Collar
  • Closure: Front Zipper Closure
  • Sleeves: Zipper Cuffs With Velcro Strap

Stephen Amell Green Arrow Season 8 Oliver Queen Hoodie Jacket

DC comics are known for their heroes to have a dark past. The show Arrow is another one to have great storyline which is shaping the character into the badass of today.
Stephen Amell is playing the role of the Gorgeous but having a shady past Oliver Queen in the show Arrow.
Green Arrow Season 8 Jacket has launched his finale season recently. Every actor has put a new life into their characters and bring out the exuberance in finale season, specially Arrow himself.
In the whole series Stephen a.k.a Oliver is seen wearing Green Arrow Season 8 Jacket, which helps him disguise his personality from other people in the Starling City, as well as, from harming himself during dangerous fights.
We have brought you one, in this article surely you’ll like this one.The jacket is made up of leather. The leather used in making is of two types, either you can buy a faux leather jacket, or an original one, it is totally up to you. The jacket has a hood at the back. It has viscose lining on the inside of the jacket which makes it heat resistance. This will also assist you in keeping warm and cosy. The front of the jacket has a zip to close the jacket. The sleeves are full, with zipper cuffs and velcro strap. The jacket is a combination of black, the base color and green, the color of patches sewn to the jacket. This hooded jacket is form fitting. You will love the design and texture and your apparel once you wear it.Let’s learn some favourite deliveries of Oliver Queen or the Arrow:

I’m not so sure that finding this guy depends on gambling. -Oliver to Felicity.

That has always been the way with us, Felicity. You are the one who brings the light.

They’re leaving because of their own personal darkness. I can’t help but think that they were infected by mine.

I’m sorry. Did I leave you with the impression I was a rational guy?

I should have taken your head.

Glad to see you picking up your psycho boss’ old habits.

I just can’t believe that I thought that I’d be the one to unite this city while Damien Darhk was trying to kill it.That was arrogant. The same arrogance that made me feel I could be the Green Arrow without descending into darkness. Bottom line, it was foolish.


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