Captain Marvel Carol Danvers Leather Jacket

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Product Specification:- 
• Genuine/Faux Leather
• Viscose Lining
• Golden Lining
• Full Sleeves
• Finely Stitched
• Red and Navy Blue Color

Carol Danvers Captain Marvel Red Biker Jacket

Captain Marvel is a movie that is truly a rare one in its nature. No one has ever imagined of a female character that is the strongest of them all. Marvel studios never cease to amaze the world and give them a vision for better future. While the whole world was all talks about female empowerment, Marvel Comic and studios brought the character of Captain Marvel on the big screen. If you truly are a Marvel Fan and have been watching and following the series Captain Marvel Jacket religiously you would know that, Captain Marvel is the strongest of the characters in the entire Avenger Series. This is how Marvel Studio has shown the world, that females are no lesser than a man, in fact they are stronger and more powerful than everyone and their will can be seen in daily lives and not just Marvel or Superhero Movies.

In this article we have brought you the superhero jacket worn by the Dynamite Captain Marvel. The Captain Marvel Jacket is available in two styles a brighter and more luminous style and the other is slightly towards matte finish.

The leather used in making of these two jackets are either faux or genuine leather, you can choose the one of your choice and comfort. The Captain Marvel Jacket is a combination of red and navy blue with a golden strip running along the chest having a star like symbol on the chest, in the middle. Both styles have long perfectly stitched sleeves. One of the hes red hem, while the other styled jacket has whole blue sleeves with only cuffs that are red. There are different styles and patterns running through out the jacket. You can choose the one you like more.

After the amount of appreciation we have for Captain Marvel, wont it be helpful if we learn some of her quotes? Lets check out.


‘If there are lives at stake, I’ll fly the plane.’
‘I’ve been fighting with one arm tied behind my back, but what happens when I’m finally set free?’
‘I have nothing to prove to you.’
‘Tell the Supreme Intelligence that I’m coming to end it. The war, the lies, all of it.’
I keep having these memories. I see flashes. I think I had a life here. But I can’t tell if it’s real.”
“My name is Carol Danvers. Ever since I was little kid, I didn’t fit in. See, I always wanted to fly”
“This isn’t a question of what I’m not. This is a question of who I could be.”
“I couldn’t tell them the truth…it wasn’t that we couldn’t go back…it was that I don’t know if I wanted to.”
Hope these quotes from the comic of Captain Marvel inspires you to be dynamic and empowered.

4 reviews for Captain Marvel Carol Danvers Leather Jacket

  1. Michael Johnson

    Captain Marvel Carol Danvers Red Biker Leather Jacket is seriously one of the most dumbfounding jacket I’ve ever bought. It totally fits on me whether I’m going to a formal or an informal event! Keep it up lads!

  2. Franklin Samuels

    The fitting of the Captain Marvel Jacket was surreal! And the best part of the jacket was that it isn’t necessary to wear it as a costume.Absolutely not!You can wear it anytime with any shirts or pants! And one thing which I really want to share is that if you check out other sites for Captain Marvel Jacket then you’ll notice that the prices there are up high in the sky but here it’s available at a quite reasonable and affordable price!

  3. Holding Smith

    The jacket was good but there was one tiny problem. Although the combination of the red, blue and golden colour was one hell of an idea but the golden lines aren’t as bright as they were shown. Due to this, although the red and blue colours look fantastic together but the golden colour which is quite dull and not lively make the jacket’s look a little bit off. But anyways it’s stitching is absolutely solid and it looks like a really durable jacket. The fitting from the shoulder sides and both from the front and the back is quite decent.

  4. Kathy

    Felt powerful and irresistible when I slipped on this handcrafted Women’s Captain Leather Jacket. The awesome shades of blue, red, and gold invoke an invincible atmosphere. this star-spangled jacket is the ideal outerwear for true fans of the comic book superhero. 

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