Captain Marvel Red Hoodie

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• Material: Cotton and Polyester.
• Color: Red and Blue.
• Full length Sleeves.
• Open Hem Cuffs.

Captain Marvel Carol Danvers Red and Blue Cotton Hoodie

Carol Danvers, one of the most powerful avenger and her attire, one of the most desirable ones in the entire. The Kree Warrior’s extensive power along with her rage to fight the bad is the true mirror to this dark and bold Captain Marvel Hoodie.

Made of cotton and polyester, this is something which will keep your body internally warm. This Captain Marvel Red Hoodie is for people who like it bold and dark. It has viscose lining which is harmless and very soft on skin, Amazingly stitched and of fine quality. Pockets on the side of the waist with full zipper closure makes it look elegant and attractive. Comes in blue and red color which goes great with a pair of blue jeans. It’s a must get for all the Captain Marvel fans!

1 review for Captain Marvel Red Hoodie

  1. Mathew Sid

    Just wearing this hoodie made me feel like a superhero. The bright red color of the hoodie is quite prominent. One shouldn’t wear it if one isn’t comfortable being too conspicuous. The Marvel theme is the key reason for the appeal of this hoodie.

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