Black Field Oliver Jacket

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Product Specifications

  • External: Cotton blend
  • Internal: Soft viscose lining
  • Color: Black
  • Collar: Strutted shirt styled
  • Cuffs: Enclosed snap-tab zipper cuffs
  • Frontage: Tich button closure
  • Pockets: Chest flap and Side Waist

Tv-Series Arrow Oliver Field Stephen Amell Black Jacket

A wonderfully directed American TV show, Arrow is a DC production and is made around its character Arrow who is a costumed fighter and mainly targets demons to get paid back for the brutal murder of his mother. Facing the enmity of his own brother, the character is a son of a demon and so acquires some supernatural forces as well. 

The name of the character is Oliver Queen but he prefers being called Arrow for his distinct way of killing the demons with his signature arrow and bow. Flawlessly played by Stephen Amell, the character even after being occupied by a good number of things still manages to be beyond perfect with his outfits and this field jacket he is seen is evidence to that. As simple as it could get, the jacket is crafted carefully out of premium quality cotton blend and in is in jet black in colour which gives this Black Field Oliver Jacket its ultimate charm. With soft and smooth viscose finely stitched inside of it, the Black Field Oliver Jacket gets superbly comfortable and warm to carry with incredible ease all day long. With smartly strutted shirt style collars, full length sleeves with snap tap zippered cuffs and a fine buttoned up front closure, the jacket also has chest flap and side waist pockets for you to be at great ease with the things you have carried.


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