Arrow Season 8 Laurel Lance Jacket

$229.00 $149.00

  • Material: Real Leather
  • Sleeves: Full Sleeves
  • Colours: Mix of black and yellow
  • Viscose Lining

Katie Cassidy Arrow Season 08 Black Canary Laurel Lance Leather Jacket

Female empowerment has always been a taboo in our society. But DC comics have been encouraging women since forever by developing characters like Batwoman, Wonder woman, Harley and more. One if them is Laurel Lance, she is seen as the Assistant District Attorney kn the Starling City. After, sometimes she joins Arrow in the mission to avenger the destroyers of the City. Her alternate vigilante personality is the black canary.

This article is about the character of Black Canary which is an inspiration for many women out there. Laurel Lance from the partner of Green Arrow is a dynamic female character. She exhibits exceptional strength and consistency. But, to maintain her cover, as she is an attorney she does not want to lose her license she wears a leather jacket, leather pants and mask to disguise herself.

The Black Canar, as her name suggests wear a Arrow Season 8 Laurel Lance Jacket to hide her real self to come out in open.

You can choose between faux and pure leather. The base color of the jacket is black, it has a few yellow patches with yellow linings all over the jacket, there is grey patch at the waist area. The front of the jacket is closed by a zip. The sleeves are long with a thin line of rib knits. It also has stand styled collars with a snap tab button. Over all the jacket is snug and form fitting with innerside having viscose to make you cozy.

Let’s take a look over how Laurel delivers her dialogue and what is the accuracy.

Someone told me, once you let the darkness inside it never comes out.

These things, they dont break us, they make us what we are.

I was gonna give up being the Black Canary, but I realized I didn’t know how I could because going out there and fighting alongside you guys, that’s what makes me feel alive inside. And I love you guys so much. I’m the justice you can’t run from.

Sometimes it’s people closest to us who lies to us the best.

The experience of helping others in itself is our reward.

It’s not about how you got knocked down to the mat, its about whether you get up.


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